Sunday, March 18, 2012

Contents of Android malware development/distribution site #OCJP by

ANALYSIS:   #26 Exposing the Android Fraud #Malware Development Site
 Contents of Android malware distribution site by Hendrik Adrian

Download (pass infected)

Site Tree
Apk and Java files
File: btm.apk  - Virustotal
MD5:  7157BA9A8E10253C57B39B05701C6BD8

File: ctm.apk - Virustotal
MD5:  677492027E802361CADF63B11B214A83

File: dtm.apk - Virustotal
MD5:  5C6B9D027DCCF7EA65EC80A005E81E31

File: dtm.apk - Virustotal
MD5:  3E78174EC0DC3DBB58D6B5C77321BA8C

File: dtm.apk - Virustotal
MD5:  9ABC414CEEA92BE88B939CDC5304AE13

File: k_test.apk - Virustotal
MD5:  E2B1FF0CFF01F6AA3DE557F26679AC08

File: Kitchen Timer.apk Virustotal
MD5:  74E71F9E28E69B5D045DF3A18A6A93B0

File: ktm.apk - Virustotal
MD5:  C4D631D2DED1F20BCD752D573BE707DA





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