Monday, March 18, 2013

Android.Uracto - fraud, SMS spam

Research: Symantec. Android.Uracto Used to Trick Mothers, Anime Fans, Gamers, and More
Sample credit: Sanjay Gupta

D09A1FF8A96A6633B3B285F530E2D430 NewsAndroidnocode.apk
4C937667CB23E857D42B664334E1142A NewsAndroidcode03.apk
BA73E96CAA95999321C1CDD766BDF58B NewsAndroidcode02.apk
CF45E1288B47D97326ED279F2EE41E4D NewsAndroidcode01.apk

Download. Email me if you need the password

HA256: 1956ad04fde7b465a683d15dd396a467b13c943af6a6f4722c18b9823c4ee290
SHA1: 46a3e362c356518c13b1d223e73598ebed97ddbc
MD5: cf45e1288b47d97326ed279f2ee41e4d
File size: 180.7 KB ( 185008 bytes )
File name: NewsAndroidcode01.apk
File type: Android
Tags: apk android
Detection ratio: 5 / 45
Analysis date: 2013-03-19 00:59:23 UTC ( 44 minutes ago ) 
F-Secure Android.Trojan.MailStealer.A 20130318
GData Android.Trojan.MailStealer.A 20130319
MicroWorld-eScan Android.Trojan.MailStealer.A 20130319
Symantec Android.Uracto 20130318

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  1. please provide the password scheme for downloading the samples.