Friday, April 19, 2013

SMSSilense aka Fake Vertu

Size: 1689220
MD5:  2E88C747D1B96B6ED19D3B66F00C4D98

Size: 581473
MD5:  FD6437199664E097870723F31F81222B

Sample credit: Sanjay Gupta

Research: McAfee Fake Vertu App Infects Korean and Japanese Android Users
A new threat has surfaced targeting users in Korea and Japan, but this attack, unlike others making the news, is not one motivated by political or ideological dogma. Instead, this one is based purely on old-fashioned greed. Vertu phone owners or those looking for a localized Vertu theme in Korean or Japanese for an Android phone had better think twice before downloading something. McAfee Mobile Research has identified a new variant of Android/Smsilence distributed under the guise of a Vertu upgrade/theme that is targeting Japanese and Korean users.

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