Tuesday, March 25, 2014

iOS adware using Cydia

New iOS malware use Cydia Substrate to steal advertisement promotion fee by Claud Xiao
or in Chinese http://bbs.pediy.com/showthread.php?p=1270415

File: spad.plist
Size: 302
MD5:  D90A9E9DD3C95E9C12CAFE48F5362781

File: spad.dylib
Size: 166976
MD5:  8099C75F8F3A7BE16A8246FD5B90185A

Additional binaries
downloaded by the adware to the victims device

File: libgad.dylib
Size: 1070048
MD5:  CE0A6550E51F3C1B1F49C39A297077E0

File: sad
Size: 31952
MD5:  E890CF2B1F9ADC4364B9A38FFFA14ABC

Download. Email me if you need the password
Download additional binaries

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