Sunday, October 4, 2015

YiSpecter iOS iphone malware samples

Research: Palo Alto.  Claud Xiao  YiSpecter: First iOS Malware That Attacks Non-jailbroken Apple iOS Devices by Abusing Private APIs

Sample Credit: Claud Xiao

File: ADPage Size: 2570560  MD5:  8E93947DFD1B11A77A04429BD8B32CED
File: ADPage.ipa Size: 1484304  MD5:  62C6F0E3615B0771C0D189D3A7C50477
File: DaPian  Size: 5978608 MD5:  3A41BB59E2946A66BBD03A8B4D51510B
File: DaPian.ipa Size: 2826575 MD5:  6E907716DC1AA6B9C490CE58AAAE0D53
File: HYQvod Size: 1984256 MD5:  35EE9556457D6170EA83C800887C1CBE
File: HYQvod.ipa Size: 2154552 MD5:  97210A234417954C7BBE87BFE685EAAE
File: HYQvod_3.3.3 Size: 3347360 MD5:  304A10D364454EE8F2E26979927C0334
File: HYQvod_3.3.3.ipa Size: 3148992 MD5:  29E147675AF38ECE406B6227F3CCD76B
File: NoIcon Size: 1426368 MD5:  E6B45FAF823387BCA7524C4D0329543F
File: NoIcon.ipa Size: 581136 MD5:  FBF92317CA8A7D5C243AB62624701050
File: NoIconUpdate Size: 1427040 MD5:  4460F3D29A4BCE8AA8E8FFDE4A467B70
File: NoIconUpdate.ipa Size: 590191 MD5:  0B98EE74843809493B0661C679A3C90C

 Download. Email me if you need the password (New Link)


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