Friday, May 18, 2012

See you in two weeks

Angus McIntyre
I will be traveling and will not have time for posts until June. If you sent any files to me recently and I did not post / did not reply, please accept my sincere apologies, it has been a busy period.

Please continue to share and upload files to  Contagio Community and Contagio Mobile dump where it will be available immediately to others via the main download link posted there.
I hope you all have a great end of spring and glorious summer.
Thank you

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Android Gamex Trojan

File: de.mehrmannd.sdbooster-GAMEX.apk
Size: 256139
MD5:  50836808A5FE7FEBB6CE8B2109D6C93A
Sample Credits:   with many thanks to Tim Strazzere, April 30, 2012
   Security Alert: Gamex Trojan Hides in Root-Required Apps – Tricking Users into Downloads - Lookout

Download (password infected)

Android PJApps - 2011 - Liveprints wallpaper

File: Newfpwap_com_liveprintslivewallpaper.apk
Size: 1316981
MD5:  A84997B0D220E6A63E2943DA64FFA38C
Sample Credits:   with many thanks to anonymous April 28, 2012

Download  - password infected