Saturday, July 13, 2013

TRracer - commercial spyware / PUA samples for Android, Blackberry, SymbOS, iOS


Commercial spyware.
Functionality inlcudes (judging by the files - see more

Schedule Days
Schedule Time
Data Setting
Report Call Logs
Report Contacts
Report SMS
Report Gmail
Report Web Browser
Report New Photos
Report New Videos
Call Record
Call Record Strategy
Record Format
Report Whatsapp Chats
Report Viber Chats
Report Skype Chats
Report Facebook Chats
Report Facebook Photos
Spy Call Number(s)
Do not record Spy Calls
Report GPS location
Recover via GMail
Enable GMail recovery

Download all files (Email me if you need the password)

Files included

File: TRa7.0.sis
MD5:  d55c0e339a2cbb91132f53c5ecaf4fd5
Size: 266200

File: Tracer-1.cod
MD5:  df01e4ea2433dc08bce21b7b44a604eb
Size: 43240

File: TRacer.apk.1
MD5:  1c37f184a707d2c7c6d79cabeda2df69
Size: 7938460

File: com.timecompiler.Tracer_0.0.1-958_iphoneos-arm.deb
MD5:  fbb4a02d9921cb303d70c147bd8e270c
Size: 2669126