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Monday, May 13, 2013

Android Stels

Hello all, sorry for the long outage - been busy :) Here are are 3 posts for Stels, Perkele, and Korean SMSspy (see 2 posts after this one)

Android Stels

Size: 164210
MD5:  B226A66A2796E922302B96AE81540D5C

Research: Stels Android Trojan Malware Analysis - Secure Works Dell
Sample credit: Tim Strazzere Lookout Security

Download (Email me if you need the password)

Android Perkele / Fake Site

com-fake site source

Please see the list of included files below

Sample and screenshot credits: Anonymous
News: Mobile Malcoders Pay to (Google) Play - Brian Krebs

SMS malware bot for sale, created to look like a security certificate with logos of your company
1 app - $1000. Full kit -$15,000

Download. (Email me if you need the password scheme)

Android SMSSpy / SMSSender / Nopoc.A

Sample credit: Jihong Park

Size: 253578
MD5:  74E09C5F57D5A040C86A86CDAD7F04FA

Download:  (Email me if you need the pass scheme for the newer samples)