Monday, August 20, 2012

MSZombie.A - Chinese SMStrojan

Research: New Virus SMSZombie.A Discovered by TrustGo Security Labs
Sample credits: Pr0Zel and Tim Strazzere (Lookout security)
  • 4D13D1BC63026B9C26C7CD4946B1BAE0 com.bntsxdn.pic.apk
  • A31245022C60FC50B81F7FFC4F4967B2 com.hxmv696.pic.apk 
  • cafffdee7479a8816f4551ac8c3a0178 com.lzll.pic
  • c71740ee94467ae70a71265116d54186 com.zqbb1221.pic
  • 4084939a0864b645f6c6a915586fb1ab com.gmdcd.pic
  • b6cacc0cf7bad179d6bde68f5c013e6e com.xqxmn18.pic
  • 40f3f16742cd8ac8598bf859a23ac290 com.ldh.no1  
  • 9F972DBE36D4CE709AA21C291D632D31 a33.jpg.apk

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Monday, August 13, 2012

LuckyCat.A Android APT malware

File: testService.apk
Size: 17810
MD5:  41B0C54AB4EF1A0983061B6F1354E562

Research: Adding Android and Mac OS X Malware to the APT Toolbox by Trend Micro

Sample Credit: Tim Strazzere Lookout Security

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VDloader Android

1. File: zj_NinjaChicken_other.apk
Size: 5131151
MD5:  4BC1C8A05B8505662BE778B6DAD23B55

2. File: waterfall3dLive.boa.liveWPcube.apk
Size: 723022
MD5:  6AF90ADD478E4D27B4170FA791E635EE

Sample Credit: Tim Strazzere Lookout Security

Research: Symantec New Android Malware Spotted on Third Party App Markets

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

New ZitMo for Android and Blackberry

MD5: e98791dffcc0a8579ae875149e3c8e5e
File zitmo.apk

MD5: 7d09ce7ff636c308b0bf43c0d1662652
File name:  zitmo.jar

MD5: 2451bd595bbc830ea76adb96a7f319f3
File name: zitmo1.cod

MD5: 6fe08b174c92fe439af0f84bd9643545
File name: zitmo2.cod

MD5: 763083a8627837b55316bf93c625c200
File name: zitmo3.cod

MD5: 2a63801d60c900c10ee13d42dc5fc4ab
File size: 549 bytes ( 549 bytes )
File name: seguridad.jad

Sample credits - Anonymous
Research:  New ZitMo for Android and Blackberry by Kaspersky

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