Monday, September 15, 2014

iOS AppBuyer malware - infostealer

Wei Feng Technology Group -Wei Feng Technology Group] on the source of malicious hackers discovered a rogue plug-track hacking  (CN)
Palo Alto  AppBuyer: New iOS Malware Steals Apple ID and Password to Buy Apps; 

Sample credit: Claud Xiao

File: com.archive.plist
MD5:  6EEE2BA0C18C69A71E3F879C2A46BDAA

File: updatesrv
MD5:  1C32F9F05234CAC7DD7A83E3925A3105

File: u2_88
MD5:  B4DAFC195DB19C661C25C54AEA39982B

File: u1_88
MD5:  68424FF30F6FD1DEBD3CFF1997FAB17E

File: u1
MD5:  69147A1AD05D64202B2D7BB0EA1BAB46

File: u2_80
MD5:  5F4741EBAFFD9C53473D79A1252F82CB

File: u1_80
MD5:  B88451E74C1091B9022F7199704959B0

Download. Email me if you need the password.